Types of conservation of natural resources

The natural resources area unit restricted ought to|and will|and may} use properly for that efforts should be
taken “Types of conservation of natural resources”

i) Individual-level

l ii)Community-level

iii) National level

iv) International level

Role of people in
Conservation of Forest1. Avoid cut or uproot inexperienced trees
2. Participation in forestation and reclamation comes
3. Encourage mass-scale community tree plantation program
4. Plant trees in barren fields
5. Paperless correspondence
6. Observe twenty first March as forest day
7. Observe Vanmahotsav week 1-7 Gregorian calendar month
Conservation of Water1. Management of tap
2. Adopt minimum water use pattern
3. Install fresh water harvest home device in house/building
4. Save ground, lake, ponds
5. be part of NGO engaged in conservation
6. Observe twenty second March as world water day

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Conservation of Minerals
1. Minimize the utilization of Minerals
2. Recycle and recycle minerals and glasses
3. By economical vehicles
4. Repair and recycle bicycles
5. Use reusable utensils
6. Minimum use of automobile
7. keep vehicle tuned
8. Check fuel consumption information whereas shopping for new vehicles

Conservation of Energy

1. put off light-weight once not needed, Replace tube light-weight with junction rectifier and CFL
2. give comfortable daylight in house/office etc
3. Use a Thermostat system that mechanically turns off domestic appliances I .e.AC
4. Use renewable and nonconventional energy resources
5. Use energy-efficient appliances.

Promote property Agriculture:-

1 Avoid waste
2. provide of surplus turn out to deficit space
3. cut back the utilization of pesticides, pesticides, herbicides & chemicals
4. Avoid over-irrigation
5. Consume native made Vegetables to avoid wasting transportation and storage

Other conservation techniques
1. Recycle paper. glass
2. just use of forest and forest product
3. Use trendy technology
4. Best from waste i.e. room waste for vermicompost
5. inexperienced manuring / fym application
6. produce a way of responsibility to correct utilization of every and everything
around you

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7. Avoid misuse of resources
8. Elect smart representative those area unit sensitive to natures drawback
9. Communication to 10.If needed take the assistance of the judiciary through public
11.Get up up to now data through media
12.Exchange information and data
13.Use carpool, walk a brief distance, adjust the regulation, use the general public transport system
14.Select carrier as associate degree conservationist investigator, teacher, advocate
15.Public awareness through print, vocal, and electronic media
16.Participation within the environmental conservation movement.

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Two vital terms
1: property Harvest:- once a resource is harvested at an exact rate while not
decreasing the capability to provide same level of harvest in future

2: property development:- once the event method while not touching the
sustainable harvest of natural resources is termed property development.
But in an exceedingly competition of development, the higher than terms area unit unheeded by some countries.
Natural resources utilized by soul for
1. Survival
2. Comfort associate degreed an affluent style
Survival purpose:- Food, Grains, Water, fruit, medicine, shelter area unit basically

Comfort:- automobile, Computer, AC, natatorium and alternative resembling facilities several
time supererogatory utilised in developed and in developing countries.
The population of developed countries is twenty fifth of the planet, they’re victimization eighty fifth of
worlds natural resources, seventieth energy and eightieth financial gain
1.It is the expected distribution of all the resources ought to be done equally
2. per capita use of avail resources is unequal and totally different from village, city, metro
3.It promotes exploitation and encroachment.
Steps ought to be taken for property distribution
1.Slow down increment
2.Reduce per capita consumption

Sustainable lifestyle:- it’s one within which all human action takes place and is
maintained over time among the limit set by the atmosphere.
1. capability to assimilate water
2. give food
3. provide of alternative resources
Based on 2 sets of principles
Ethical Principle:- one. Resource sharing
2. don’t use all resources
3. soul mustn’t dominant over nature
Operating Principle:- Four pillars of those principles
1. Conservation a pair of.Use renewable resources. Recycling. increment management
To make property earth strict legislative action and individual action and
responsibility is vital.

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